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10 Reasons to Invest in WIPLA

1. WIPLa means business

Works In Progress Louisiana supports adventurous artists with bold ideas through funding, counsel and business development services. Our funding approach helps  artists working in all creative disciplines to realize their visions and build sustainable practices throughout North Louisiana.

2. Engage with innovators

Works In Progress Louisiana donors have the opportunity to engage with creative workers at the onset of new projects - supporting work that is fresh and experimental in nature, and for which other funding is not yet available.


Monthly reports from WIPLa grantees ensure compliance with grant requirements, and are easily accessible to donors.  Grantee reports reveal challenges, successes, and opportunities for donors to offer valuable business advice to grantees.

WIPLA also provides fiscal sponsorship services to creative professionals who need a 501(c)3 nonprofit to manage their grant awards and project donations.

3. Bureaucrats don't "get it"

The value of engaging with large arts administrative and governmental organizations is diminishing. The role and impact of the artist, alone or in small groups, is evolving throughout the world. 


It's time for North Louisiana to catch up with other culturally-rich regions, and  modernize the way it nurtures its creative sector.

4. Creative workers are a powerful economic force for good

Nationally, the arts & culture industry's economic activity supports 4.13 million full-time jobs and generates $86.68 billion in resident household income.The creative sector generates $22.3 billion in revenue to local, state, and federal governments every year — a yield well beyond their collective $4 billion in arts allocations.  (Source: Americans for the Arts "Arts & Economic Prosperity Report IV")

5. Creative people sustain a thriving cultural economy

Successful artists gravitate to each other, building large and diverse "creative clusters."


A tight-knit, sustainable creative community attracts these innovators and nourishes their talent.  When they have access to the resources they need to make a living, these professionals simply don't want to leave.

You'll find no contests or competition for prizes here! WIPLA fosters a creative community that works together for mutual success.

6. Invest wisely and expect a return

Funders, individually or collectively, may not be able to (or wish to) contribute the amount of capital required to sustain a growing creative sector.


Through carefully-managed contributions to Works in Progress Louisiana, investors are able to change (through interactions with and requirements of creative professionals) how artists think about doing business.

7. Artists in North Louisiana get short-changed in Baton Rouge

For decades, the cultural sector in North Louisiana has been poorly capitalized.


The State Division of the Arts reports that they allocate only 4% of their grant funding directly to individual artists in North Louisiana. (Source: Louisiana Department of Culture Recreation and Tourism - Division of the Arts)

8. Culture improves social well-being

There are lower incidents of racial and ethnic harassment in neighborhoods that have a significant number of cultural resources. (Source: Philadelphia’s Human Relations Commission)


Arts and culture serve an important role in improving the lives of ordinary people. When we don't properly cultivate our creative sector, our entire region suffers.

9. Progress requires partnerships

Thriving communities realize that simple, collective steps have a profound impact on the financial health of creative professionals and the strength of communities as a whole.

People who support local artisans do so because they appreciate the value of hard work, and want to improve the cultural integrity of their communities.

10. Arts councils aren't always the answer

Works in Progress Louisiana is a small, privately-run coalition of business-savvy creative people and seasoned arts professionals who work in various disciplines. Their expertise allows WIPLA to wisely invest in viable creative careers, build business skills among artists, and keep administrative expenses in check.


In contrast, large bureaucratic arts agencies invest their resources in extravagant fundraisers, government-led pet projects, burdensome administrative costs, and outlandish salaries for management & staff - most of whom are not required to be arts professionals.


For example, one NWLA arts council invests only 8.9% of its annual revenue in professional artist fees, but compensates its Executive Director over $160,000 in salary & benefits. (Sources:; This outdated business model disproportionately benefits bureaucrats, and fails to cultivate our creative economy.

WIPLA is committed to investing donor dollars directly with creative workers via project grants, fiscal sponsorships, low-cost business training & development, and the online Creative Marketplace where creative professionals across North Louisiana can connect with a world market to sell high-quality locally-produced goods & services.

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Support North Louisiana's cultural sector.

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All donations to Works In Progress Louisiana are

100% tax-deductible.

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