Step 3: I got the grant! What happens next?

April 21, 2014

Congratulations, you are about to create a fantastic project!


We'll need just a few things from you to keep us posted on your progress:


  1. Submission of a monthly report is required. Please email a SHORT (50 - 100 words max) report each month to Debbie. She will present your reports at every board meeting.

    Be sure to include your metrics and benchmarks, and creative achievements and breakthroughs. When appropriate, explain why sales and/or expenses have increased or decreased.

    Send photos or samples of your progress, and let us know if its ok to feature your project on our website. Set a date each month to email your report to Debbie at

  2. We would love to see your project in progress! Consider inviting us to your studio/theater/venue/gig to check out your work - if that is convenient for you.  When you are finished, please share documentation of your project with WIP board members.

  3. Answer the following questions on your final report to WIP, after your project is complete:

    A)  What is my/our organization’s artistic ambition? What is my current plan for supporting my/our artistic ambitions?

    B)  Did WIP funding help my creative career?  Please be specific.

    C) How will I/my organization deliver and support continued activities with a budget, revenue strategy, and earned/donated sources?

    D) Is my plan realistic for the next 3-5 years? To achieve my desired business model and maintain sustainable income, what changes should I make between now and then?

    E) What investments (time, money, work, etc.) do I need to make to attract recurring revenue that will support my art career after WIP funds are expended? How will I raise that revenue/capital - or adjust our plans if we cannot? (250 words max)

  4. Think about serving on the Works In Progress Board of Directors.  It's a great way to serve our creative community in North Louisiana, and keeps you on the cutting edge of arts and art funding!

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