Step 2: I'm eligible! What now?

April 22, 2014

Works In Progress has a VERY informal application process.


We know what its like to be a creative person - and not necessarily a grant writer.  We want to help you get through the paperwork and GET BACK TO WORK!


If you have any questions or need help with your proposal, please call or email our Director, Debbie Hollis.  Her phone number is 318.751.8540, and her personal email is


There is no application deadline - you can apply for funding at any time during the year. Remember to apply at least 6 months before you need the money.


The application/proposal process is detailed below.  We ask that you submit your proposal in MSWord or .pdf format. 


Please answer all questions to the best of your ability, and use the corresponding question numbers for each of your answers:

  1. If you are an individual, give us your name, contact information, education, professional accomplishments, artistic resume', and the name and email of three references. 

    If you are applying on behalf of an organization,  provide us with the organization's name/address/phone/website, a list of your collaborators and/or Board of Directors, a brief history of your organization and its accomplishments to date, and the name/title/contact information for the person we should contact regarding this grant.

  2. Briefly tell us about your project proposal.

    Along with the project title, write a short (50 word max) description of your project. Include images, drawings, menus, or examples of similar work, if you have them. This will help give us a general overview of your idea.

  3. Next are a few thought-provoking questions about your proposal, its purpose, and how you will measure its success.

A) Please put your project in context so that we may better evaluate it.  Tell us about your artistic ambitions. What are the main influences on your work as an artist? Does your past work inform this project? Please use concrete examples, which may include other artists’ work, art movements, cultural heritage, research/work from outside your field, etc. (150 words max)

B) How is your project original and imaginative in content and form? Please be as specific as possible. (100 words max)

C) What kind of impact — artistic, intellectual, communal, civic, social, etc. — do you hope your project will have? What strategies will you employ to achieve the desired impact? (100 words max)

D) Who is the specific audience that you hope to engage through this project? How are you hoping to reach these consumers/appreciators? (100 words max)

E) How might your proposed project act as a catalyst for your artistic and professional growth? In what ways is this a pivotal moment in your creative work? (100 words max)

F) How will WIP funding help you realize your goals for this project, as well as your goals for long-term artistic and professional growth? What do you need to do to attract recurring income that will support your business/art career after WIP funds are expended? How will you generate future income - or adjust your plans if you cannot? (150 words max)

G) How will you measure the success of this project?  What "metrics" will you use, and what "benchmarks" will you use to measure them?

This sounds really complicated - but it's not!

A "metric" is a general measure of success.  Metrics might be the number of tickets sold, number of artworks shown or sold, number of exhibits, number of buyers/patrons/clients, and improved income-to-expense ratios. Non-financial metrics might include increased email subscribers, Facebook/Twitter followers, website hits, speaking engagements, etc.

The “target” (or "benchmark") for each metric will indicate how you literally measure your success. $10,000.00 in ticket sales, 500 new website followers, or $9,000.00 in annual art sales are great examples of benchmarks. (200 words max)

H) Give us a budget for your project. Tell us how you calculated your budget (income & expenses), how much money you are requesting from Works In Progress, and how you will complete the project if WIP is not able to provide 100% of the funding you have requested from us. 


When you've finished your proposal/application, email it to Debbie Hollis at  


If our Board thinks your idea is a good fit for WIP funding, we'll contact you within one month in for a face-to-face meeting! 



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