Meet our first 2015 grantee: Julie Crews

May 13, 2015

Julie Crews is an accomplished oil painter living in Ruston, Louisiana.

Crews received a WIPLa grant to create a new series of original paintings, "Amidst the Mundane."


Below, the artist describes her project proposal in her own words:



“'Amidst the Mundane,' a solo exhibition of thirty-two oil paintings, will expose the delicacy of monotony and repetition regarding domestic life.

WIPLa funding will provide me the means to create, promote and nationally exhibit these new works, as well as support (exclusively) local business and provide freelance work to (local) skilled artisans."



'"Amidst the Mundane' will feature 32 oil paintings on hardboard, comprised of 16 tiny paintings (5” x 5”) and 16 medium/large paintings (ranging from 24” x 24”
to 68” x 48”)."





"I paint what takes me out of the studio: the life it takes to nurture a family. When I am in the studio I escape certain domestic tethers momentarily. Yet, on canvas, there remains before me the scenes of my life: unmade beds, dishes stacked by the sink, and waiting in the car line.

How areas of the home are treated, the traffic and landscapes encountered while running errands, and the moods of people engaged in banal tasks influence my life, and therefore, art.

Recreating these scenes gives permanence to the undervalued."



"I am applying to venues who arrange for an artist's talk to accompany the work. Speaking publicly about my choice to live a domestic life supports not only the importance of art in the community but also the culture and dignity of homemaking itself."





"I am a wife. I am a mother. I am an artist working consistently in my field. I am not an artist floundering to produce work, rather I feel like I am on the verge of something greater than what I have yet accomplished.

Painting about my life teaches me about my place in this world as an artist, wife and mother. When I work, my personality develops more fully. I cannot think of anything that promotes and facilitates my artistic and professional growth more.

Funding from WIPLa will allow me to achieve greater creative production and ultimately, sales."





Having shown her work throughout Louisiana, Crews is currently pursuing solo exhibits in Missouri, Colorado, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia and New York.


You can view a feature presentation of Crews' early work on LPB's
"Louisiana Artists: Profiles on Canvas."


*all images pictured here are copyrighted by the artist and may not be reproduced without her permission*

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