Buy directly from North Louisiana creative professionals at our online CREATIVE MARKETPLACE!

July 24, 2015

Works in Progress Louisiana has partnered with North Louisiana's oldest online professional artists directory, Northwest Louisiana Art Gallery, to create a comprehensive one-stop-shop where buyers can connect directly with creative professionals in North Louisiana: The CREATIVE MARKETPLACE.


Northwest Louisiana Art Gallery founder Michael G. Moore says:

"We are thrilled to expand the scope of our online artists' gallery to include creative people from 26 parishes!  We are also adding links to regional arts publications, creative resources, and other tools for arts consumers to browse and enjoy."


The Northwest Louisiana Art Gallery will change its name to "North Louisiana Art Gallery," and recruit creative professionals for hire from across North Louisiana. 


WIPLa Director Debbie Hollis explains: "So far, our organization has successfully awarded grants, advised artists on various matters, and conducted educational workshops – and we will continue to do so.  Now, it is time to address the final part of our business plan: the CREATIVE MARKETPLACE. The purpose of CREATIVE MARKETPLACE is to connect buyers directly with creative professionals in North Louisiana.”


Instructions for hiring creative workers, downloadable sample contracts, and other helpful information for buyers will be available on the CREATIVE MARKETPLACE page at the Works In Progress Louisiana website.


The CREATIVE MARKETPLACE and North Louisiana Art Gallery

are currently under construction.

They are scheduled to launch in August 2016!



Need a band for your party? 

Hire local musicians through the CREATIVE MARKETPLACE!


Tired of driving to Dallas or New Orleans to purchase quality, affordable original art? 

Choose work you love and buy directly from a North Louisiana artist via the CREATIVE MARKETPLACE!


Looking for a reliable local chef to cater your special event? 

The CREATIVE MARKETPLACE has menus and contact information for North Louisiana culinary professionals who will prepare your favorite foods and deliver them hot and ready to eat!  


Do you want to write a book, but need help from an experienced author?

North Louisiana is home to several professional poets, novelists and non-fiction writers.  The CREATIVE MARKETPLACE will connect you with an experienced professional who can help plan, create, edit and publish your masterpiece!


Want to support your neighbors in North Louisiana and keep your tax dollars in your community?

Visit the CREATIVE MARKETPLACE, buy local, and watch our economy grow!


Works In Progress Louisiana subscribers

will be the first to know

when the

CREATIVE MARKETPLACE is open for business!



The CREATIVE MARKETPLACE is currently seeking creative professionals who:

(1) have a proven history of

producing high-quality work,

(2) can provide work samples that can be accessed by the public via our website, and

(3) can communicate effectively with prospective buyers, vendors and clients.


Contact Director Debbie Hollis at to receive an application to be listed in the CREATIVE MARKETPLACE.


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