Workshop schedule for April, May, June 2016

April 6, 2016

Attention Creative Professionals:  SAVE THE DATE for these FREE business development workshops!


  1. Content Marketing: What to Say & How to Say It

    Saturday, April 9, 10:00am-12:00pm


    Instructor: Andrew Gaiennie, Owner of Foundry Social


    Online marketing for creative professionals is all about CONTENT.

    What you say and the way you say it (tone, date & time, frequency, etc.) will attract and engage your clients, and make your information "share-worthy" online. This workshop will teach you about time-saving tips, techniques and apps that will improve your content - and the way you share it!


    You will learn:

    *How many links create the most engagement

    *How to turn questions into high-open subject lines

    *Tips on using graphics, pictures and videos

    *Re-purposing content across multiple platforms

    *Structure and tools to make your content fast, easy and effective.


    This workshop is a must-attend event for creative professionals who use social media, websites and email for marketing purposes!


    Register here!


  2. Simple Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
    Wednesday, April 20, 11:00am-1:00pm
    Instructor: Andrew Gaiennie, Owner of Foundry Social

    Many creative professionals find themselves seeking the right strategies, tools and tactics to make their marketing efforts as effective as possible. Between Facebook and Twitter, email and mobile, deals, and whatever new social network is rolling out that month, there’s a lot to keep up with.

    The number of possibilities can feel overwhelming. This workshop will help establish control in the chaos.

    You will learn how to make the most of the combination of email + social media for your business. You will gain a greater understanding of social marketing basics, and begin thinking about a ready-to-go game plan. You will learn what a “campaign” is, and what to write about and offer in that campaign. You’ll be given simple but powerful tips for how to get your messages opened and read, shared and socially visible. Finally, you’ll learn to use helpful online tools to engage existing customers and reach new prospects.

    Throughout the workshop, you will be given opportunities to capture your own ideas and build out the framework of your own “next great campaign.” Join us and start to build a plan that will help you grow your business by eliciting the responses you want from your customers and supporters.

    Register here!

  3. Social Media for Creative Professionals - Best Practices for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
    Saturday, May 14, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
    *ONLINE and ON LOCATION at Bon Temps Coffee Bar*
    Instructor: Andrew Gaiennie, Owner of Foundry Social

    You’ve thought about what social networks to use for your organization, and you’re ready to take the next step. Where do you go from there?

    This workshop will give you a closer look at the popular social media networks –Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. You will learn the benefits of using each, how other organizations are marketing with them, and some "dos and don'ts" for each channel.

    You will also get tips on how to tell if your social media activity is working.This session is best suited for beginners who have begun to use social media for business and are ready to go a little further!

    Register here!


  4. The Importance of Photodocumenting Your Creative Work
    Saturday, May 21, 1:00pm-3:00pm

    Location: Tipitina's Music Co-op in Shreveport, LA
    Instructor: Mary Catherine Rollo

    Professional photographer Mary Catherine Rollo will host this important workshop for painters, sculptors, musicians, bands, caterers, and other creative professionals who require photographic documentation of their work.

    Documenting one's work is crucial to long-term success in the creative professions. Professional digital images are often required for grant applications, marketing/PR, media requests, customer inquiries, and web design.

    Rollo is a well-known North Louisiana-based photographer who provides documentation services to cultural workers in our region. She will discuss digital documentation techniques, practical applications, and pricing expectations based on your individual needs. She will also offer a tour of her studio space at Tipitina's Music Office Co-Op in downtown Shreveport, where the workshop will be held.

    This workshop is free of charge to creative professionals who live/work in North Louisiana.



  5. Intellectual Property and the Creative Professions: An Overview
    Saturday, June 4, 1:00pm-3:00pm
    Location: TBD
    Instructor: Kathryn Bloomfield, Attorney at Law

    Workshop attendees will get a big-picture understanding of:
    *How to protect your original creative work*The differences between copyrights, trademarks and patents
    *Copyright and trademark registration, including the benefits of registration and the costs
    *Appropriation issues, copyright infringement, and examples of intellectual property violations.
    Bring your questions! This will be an excellent introductory seminar for creative professionals working in all disciplines.




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